Wednesday 3 June 2020

A Zoya A Day - Skye

Hi friends

Today we meet the gorgeous Skye

Available on USA website - No
Available on the UK website - No
Brush used - Original
Does it stamp - No
Name - Skye
Year - 2006
Number - ZP0372
Coats - 3
Finish - Creme
Collection - Spa Essentials
Colour - Nude
Topcoat - None

Skye is a discontinued polish from the Spa Essentials line and is a soft sandy beige, this was opaque in two coats but I had a couple of minor streaks so I did three coats, good formula though, no running or pooling.

The label on mine is very very faded almost to the point of unreadable, I had to do a bit of fiddling in my camera app to get it barely visible. There does appear to be another label underneath but I havent attempted to remove the top one because I suspect that the glue will just rip the top of the under label.

Original photo of label.


  1. Not one that I would be a fan of! I guess by now you have gathered I ain't keen on nudes unless they have something extra!

  2. Yes, the plain nudes are a bit bland arnt they, but I guess if you arnt allowed crazy colours in work then someone will like these.

    1. Yeah I guess so. I have been lucky that I can usually wear what I want at work. But any new jobs, at the interview, I normally ask what their nail polish policy is - how sad am I? Or dedicated perhaps ;-)

    2. Dedicated, defo dedicated! I used to ask as well.