Monday 8 July 2019

Zoya Z Wide Brush

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Today on the blog I thought I'd talk about the Zoya Zwide brush and why its not possible to pick the brush you want at checkout, at the moment.

Below from left to right is the evolution of the Zoya bottle and cap shape,

Tosca - Early 1990's original bottle shape
Giselle - Early 2000's bottle, note the change of bottle shape
Liza - The final change to the lettering and removal of the gold band
Blu - The white dot on the lid means I changed the brush to the Zwide one.

Zoya have their brushes and caps made by a company in Spain, that cap and brush hasn't changed very much in all the time Zoya has been around, the only  change in fact is the removal of that gold band

So now we come to the issue, you can see that the caps of the original brush and the Zwide brush are identical, so in the factory when they're making the polish and assembling the bottle and brush together, how do they tell the brushes apart?

The answer is they cant (at the moment), plus the expense of changing the cap design even slightly to differentiate between the Zwide and the original could likely be expensive.

Heres a very cool video of the polish being put into the bottles and the cap and brush assembly going together. If youre wondering about the colour its the stunning Rayne.

How do you then budget for who will want the Zwide brush and who will want the original? When Zoya did their own survey the results were pretty much split 50/50, I for one love the original brush because I have really small hands and nail beds. So I say they're doing the brush the best way for them at the moment, maybe one day they'll modify the Zwide cap to be slightly different and they'll run two production lines one for the original brush and one for the Zwide.

Below is a pic showing the size of my wedding ring next to a UK penny plus my ring finger nail. Tiny nails!.

The information on the box of the Zwide brush.


  1. When I searched for Giselle, I also found this post, and this is also really interesting! :) I also like the standard brush, and am glad they haven't made the Z-Wide the default. Even thought it covers my thumbnail a little better, I find that it's too wide on my pinkies. And also you can do free hand nail art better! Thanks for sharing all this information! :)

    1. I'm the same, I love the original brush, I only use the Z Wide for polishes that it helps and when I'm applying my basecoat, I really hope they never switch, plus they run such good sales that invariably include you getting free Z Wide brushes.

    2. Yes! At least if they do ever switch, they would probably run the sales with the original brush. But I'm glad my favourite is the default for now. :)