Friday 28 June 2019

Zoya Rekha

Happy Friday!

Almost the weekend and its the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.

Today on the blog I have a stunning deep red for you.

A Zoya a Day
Name - Rekha

Year - 2012
Number - ZP626
Coats - 2
Finish - Creme
Collection - Designer
Colour - Red
Topcoat - None

Normally I am not a fan of red, not for the colour but because when youre almost blind and a messy painter sometimes, clean up of red can look like you stuck your fingers in a meat grinder! So I went very slowly and carefully with this one and I had the teeniest bit of cleanup and it was ok.  This is so shiny! even my hubs remarked on it.

The formula on this was perfection, no running or pooling and pretty much a one coater if youre more consistent with your coats than I am, I had done a thinner coat on my ring finger so had to go back in for a second coat.

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