Wednesday 20 February 2019

Zoya Misty with added stamping

Happy Hump Day

Today on the blog I have the very unusual ok weird colour that is Zoya Misty, this is a very dusty green creme with a brown and or grey undertone.

The formula was really good no running or pooling and opaque in two coats,

I then decided that it needed something, so I pulled out my trusty Fab Ur Nails Fun 21 plate, its got awesome paint splatter designs and went for it.

I used Virago Varnish Nauseating as my stamping polish of choice as its a tan beige which I figured would be interesting, well I ended up with what looked like mud splattered nails so thats a win, right?

Items used
Zoya Anchor basecoat, Misty and Matte Topcoat
Virago Varnish Nauseating
Barry M Plumpy Topcoat
Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling
Nail Artisan by Alex Scraper
Fab Ur Nails Fun 21 Plate

The second picture shows the plate in a little more detail, picture three shows Misty on her own without topcoat, love that shine, then shown with the stamping and a matte topcoat.

I think I could do this again with slightly different colours and get camo nails :)

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