Friday 22 February 2019

Sharpie Marker Stamping

Happy Friday

Today on the blog I have a sharpie stamping manicure and I got my new keyboard, its so nice to type on, and I am loving the rainbow colour fade it does :) you can also pre-set some cool colour effects which I will likely do once I get my PC build, its just doing rainbow at the moment with the MacBook :)

The keyboard is the Cooler Master Masterkeys MK 750. the wrist rest is magnetic so can be easily removed if you dont like that type of thing, personally I like it as it makes you set your hands on the keys correctly and it was easy to remap the keys to function for a mac too.

So today mani is a base of Zoya Allison a stunning one coat deep pink creme.

I then used Lina Nail Art Summer 01 Plate for the flowers and Kelly Negri aka esmaltesdakelly plate KN34 for the butterflies.

The technique is pretty easy to do, you get your stamping plate and the markers you want to use, you then colour the plate in with the markers then layer over a white polish or for a little extra bling you can use a silver holo, lightly scrape, pink up the image and stamp as normal.

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