Friday 14 September 2018

Nail Challenges on Instagram

I've been AWOL I know, a combo of being over to my mums who doesnt have internet and the signal is very bad from Three, so I loaded up my kindle and had an unplugged couple of days.

I'm back and I had the most fantastic nail mail from Nail Artisan by Alex. Top row is
Zoe, Lauren, Carmen, Alia, Kerry and Solange, then the Element collection, the mini's are Elphie, Violet and Alicia.

The three PoP Polishes are Slick&Slide, Limeslickcle & Surfslick.

I then somehow managed to enter a monthly comp on Instagram run by the lovely @clairestelle8challenge go check her out she does amazing nail art!

So I did two coats of Zoe then I stamped using MaryAnn and Rumor, both of whom stamped beautifully.

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