Saturday 7 July 2018

Zoya Tosca

Hi Friends

I collect Zoya polishes and a few years ago I came across a set of very old bottles of Zoya polish so I bid and I was lucky enough to win them, when they arrived the red below had no name, so I didnt know what her name is, I posted at the time on Instagram asking if anyone knew what polish it might be but didnt really get any results.

This bottle is the original bottle design that Zoya came up with, I think its from the 80's, in the late 90's they changed the bottle to the one they still use today but the font stayed the same, the font was changed to the present one in the early 2000's I believe.  The cream polish is Camile showing the present bottle design but the older font style. I kinda like the original bottle and font style :) maybe for an anniversary they could do a limited run of the old style bottles??

Then a couple of days ago there was a discussion on the Zoya Nail polish group on facebook and I shared my polish list, I then decided to have one more go at seeing if anyone knew what polish I had and low and behold Zoya themselves replied and said she was Tosca! :) I am so pleased I was able to find out and in honour of that I decided to wear her today :)

Base is 3 coats of Tosca a gorgeous bright red with golden shimmer, then I stamped with Models Own Chrome Copper using Uber Chic plate Paris in Love and used my Big Bling stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper and all topped off with Liquid Glass by P.O.P Polish :) The formula on Tosca is still amazing and as you can see I havent used a lot of her either.

Tosca bottle shots inside under artificial light.

Bottle shot inside under artificial light.

Items used in manicure.

Taken inside in the shade.

Taken outside in full sunshine.

One of my other vintage Zoya :) 

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