Tuesday 17 July 2018

Nail Artisan by Alex facebook group competition.

I took part in a facebook competition from Nail Artisan by Alex.

The rules of the competition were as follows:-
1- Tell us all about your Summer in Paris, all nails are to be different. 
2- You must include a bike ride in Paris, get checking the sights....
3- Colour choices, this time is where there's a twist. Everything must be monochrome, except for one nail which is in full colour and completely your choice.

First I had to buy the Uber Chic plate Paris in Love as I didnt own a late with a bike image.

I decided to go with alternate black and white nails.

I used the following products

Sally Hansen White On
Revlon Stiletto
Zoya Storm
Virago Varnish Beet Ice, Grunge and Night Swim
Uber Chic plate Paris in Love
Powder Perfect plate Kings and Castles
Powder Perfect plate Halloween 1

I started with 2 coats of Zoya Storm and Sally Hansen White On, I then stamped using White On on the black and Stiletto on the white, I used the 3 coloured Virago Varnish as the background for half the bike.

I'm super pleased with how this came out :) on y other nails I went with a roses theme as they weren't part of the competition.

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