Monday 11 June 2018

Weekend News

Morning all

Well what a last couple of days, firstly some sad news, as Tiberius was getting more settled into the house sadly he was also getting more aggressive both with my hubs and I and Rosie, there were a couple of unprovoked attacks, then on Thursday night he sprayed on the door curtain, he's also already wee'd on the kitty litter matts and bathroom matts, so it was decided to return him to the shelter. I think he will do better as an only cat, he was quite food aggressive.

Saturday we went to FullyChargedLive at Silverstone race circuit, this is a show about sustainable energy from sun and wind etc, we have a Kia Soul EV, we were amazed to see 7 other Souls as there arnt that many in the UK just yet. We also saw lots of other EV's including Tesla, Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf original and 2.0, BMW i3 and a Hyundai Ioniq on display we also saw a Jaguar i-Pace a VW e-Golf and a VW e-Up :)

Sunday was the day we brought Tiberius back to the shelter, really sad to take him back but it wasnt fair on him being stressed for food and trying to be dominate cat.  On the way back from the cat shelter we stopped at one of my favourite garden centres as they do a very large range of clematis so I picked up a Montana Rubens for the front of the pergola.

Then the motor sport part of the day got under way, first up we watched Detroit race one of Indycar which was pretty good with Scott Dixon winning, then we watched the Formula E race from Switzerland which was fantastic, lot of thrills in that one and penalties, Lucas Di Grassi won. Then on to the main event the Formula One race from Canada, this had a crash on the first lap for Lance Stroll and Brendan Hartley thankfully both ok but out of the race, then it was a very um sedate race in which Sebastian Vettel won  and Lewis Hamilton was 5th which means that Vettel takes over the lead in the driver championship. Not sure what happened as usually Canada is one of the more exciting races on the calendar, unfortunately not this year, next race up is the French GP which we havent had for 10 years and we'll be racing at the Paul Ricard circuit near Marseille.

The nails I've been wearing all weekend since Friday are Virago Varnish Combat Boots and Bodysuits a mustard yellow, which matched the top I wore for Fully Charged perfectly.

I'll also throw in some photos of my roses the orange/yellow is Piccadilly and the pale pinky/lilac is called Blue Moon which smells amazing.

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