Tuesday 12 June 2018

Botox for Migraine

Today I had my second botox treatment for migraine, todays shots hurt more than the first time but then again I did have a migraine come on about 30 minutes before my appointment, I did take an abortive which backed the migraine off.

So botox is used in much smaller doses for migraine than when its used to stop wrinkles.

I had approx 40 injections to my head over my forehead, temples, behind my ears down the back of my neck and into the blades of my shoulders.  Last time it took about a week for me to feel the effects, my shoulders are always tight and when the botox kicked in they got very stiff and I found it painful to turn my head or move my shoulders.

I'm hoping this round backs the migraines off even more than the first set of injections.

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