Sunday 27 May 2018

Thunder Storm


Well its been quite a last 24 hours, we were woken up at just before 4am by the rain hammering it down and then lots of thunder rumbles and lightning flashes.

I was also going to post todays nails but we have another thunder storm over us right now and my phone is charging. I love a good thunder storm sadly we dont get a lot of them in South Derbyshire I think because we're under the Peak District and it tends to miss us.

The Formula One race was from Monaco this week and it was a pretty good race, weirdly we didnt have any safety car moments though! which is almost unheard of, Max Verstappen did a great job starting from the back of the grid, I wont put up who won incase you havent watched the race yet.

We're going to see a rescue cat tomoro to hopefully add to our family, his name is Trigger, not sure he'll be keeping that name though, he is a long haired tabby and aged 7, the pic is from the rescue and he sure doesnt look happy poor boy but i love his eyes :) a beautiful jade green :)

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