Monday 25 March 2024

Zoya Bloom Spring 2024, swatch stick and bottle comparisons.

Hi Friends 

Today I'm sharing my swatch stick and bottle comparisons for the latest collection for spring 2024 from Zoya called Bloom. All swatch sticks have two coats of polish, no topcoat.

The names are as follows

Hyacinth - Sweet yet delicate candy pink, with microfine holographic, pink and white glitter
Fleur - Fun, classic spring pink cream.
Phoebe (2) - Mid-tone watermelon cream. Well balanced between red, pink and coral tones.
Rhiannon - Vibrant icy blue, with microfine holographic, aqua and white glitter.
Violetta - Warm violet, with microfine holographic, aqua and rose gold glitter.
Zaria - Deep spring rose pink cream.

As I picked up Lucky I figured I'd do a comparison for that as well.

Lucky -  is a celebration of vibrant leaf green, infused with gold and blue glitter, and a fine sprinkling of magic fairy dust that captures the light and the essence of spring.

We have a returning name in Phoebe, who first appeared in 2011 in the Mod Mattes collection, then she was a bright blue with shimmer that dried matte.

Lots of photos ahead, as per normal, all photos are taken in naturel daylight, I do not alter tones, I simply crop and add my watermark.  The new polish is first left.   Lets get started :) 

First up Hyacinth, Wanda, Bisoux, Maddy and Harper. No dupes, Wanda has a more tinted base colour and a golden shimmer, Bisoux is much lighter in tone, Harper is much pinker with different glitters and Maddy is a cream, Bisoux is only available in the petite bottle at the moment.

Next up Violetta, Aster, Hudson, Stevie and Fairleigh. No dupes, Violette almost has a neon violet tone to her, Aster has a blue undertone, Hudson is a metallic with blue undertones, Stevie is a pixie dust and Fairleigh is much paler than all of them, Hudson is discontinued.

Rhiannon, Rebel, Sparrow, Bay. No dupes, Rebel is closest in colour but has a green flash and metallic finish, Sparrow is much deeper in tone and Bay has a green flash/particle. 

The three creams together to show the tones.

Fleur, Jolene, Eden, Sandy and Kay. This was tricky I think the closest is Jolene, she is discontinued though, Kay is the next closest but theres more of an orange undertone to Kay than Fleur.

Phoebe, Jolene, Kay, Micky. This is also close, but the tones in Phoebe are more vibrant than the others, no exact dupes. 

Zaria, Dawn, Monroe, Ono, Carmen. I added Carmen to show that while Zaria could look red in some lights, she is most definitely a pink.  The closest is Dawn, however, she and Monroe are discontinued, Ono is darker in tone than Zaria and Carmen is a classic red.

Lucky, Apple, Stassi, Cece, Meg.  No dupes, Apple has a more yellow undertone, Stassi has a hint of blue undertone, Cece has little golden sparkles and Meg is a metallic and much lighter in tone.

Stamping test of the creams, all stamp well.

My present manicure, I'm wearing one coat of Fleur with a coat of Hyacinth over the top, the sparkles shades are sheer on their first coat, texture is pixie dust like, I also had to take the polish off one nail and removal was similar to a pixie dust. Formula on Fleur is wonderful.

I really like this collection, I love the glitters, they're sheer enough on the first coat to be used as toppers but build up well in two.  Zoya went with some punchy colours for spring this year and the glitters are fun and versatile. What do you think? Will you be picking any or all of these beauties up?


  1. Oooh, I've been waiting for this!! So exciting! :D You've chosen great colours for these comparisons. The only suggestions I have (and this is based on the colours I know; they may be totally not relevant in real life!) are maybe Zooey for Hyacinth (it looks to me like they have similar pinky-gold shimmer) and Muse for Rhiannon?

    I really thought Lucky was closer to Cece or Stassi, but no! Lucky is a lovely full green, not a little washed out or watery like some lighter greens are sometimes. (I hope that makes sense.)

    The Bloom collection is wonderful! I wasn't sure on the tones at first—there's a lot of pink!—but I suppose if one counts Lucky then it's more balanced. At first I thought Hyacinth would be my favourite—I really like Harper and Zooey and those really warm pinks, especially with sparkles—but now I think I'm liking Phoebe. I know it's a re-used name, but at least they acknowledged it. Though Hyacinth over Fleur /is/ REALLY pretty… I'm not sure about this textured-but-not-PixieDust finish; it's confusing!

    Anyway, I think this is a really pretty collection! I'm not sure how many I'll get, but I still really like your swatches and comparisons and posts. :)

    1. I know what you mean about Lucky :) its not yellow toned or blue toned but right in the middle a perfect green balance. Yeah the texture is strange, I'm not a glitter person because it is a royal pain in the behind to remove if you dont use a peel off basecoat, the one coat of Hyacinth I am wearing doesnt feel too bad, its not enough to catch on tights or clothing and if I put topcoat on now I think one coat would be fine. I did actually think about Zooey and Muse, I'll pull them and do a comparison on Instagram and put the link here, but I think you'll be surprised at the difference.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I like Lucky more than I thought I would! It's funny though, because I think they also dry glossy. Ooh, thank you!! I'll check that out! :D

    4. Yeah none of my swatch sticks have topcoat on, if I want to see them with topcoat I can just turn the stick over.

    5. Oh, that's clever!!

  2. Here you go

    1. Oh, wow! Zooey is definitely more coral-y, and you can see the sandy Pixie finish. And Muse is much darker! Thank you :)

    2. Yeah you can see why I didnt include Zooey, I was surprised as well, I totally thought she's be close looking at their online pics of Hyacinth. Muse always reminds me of a more sheer version of Charla.

    3. Yeah! Ooh, I don't have Charla! Does she have the larger holo hex glitters?

    4. No Charla is more like Muse without those large glitters, she has ghost flakies those multi coloured ones that flash different colours -

    5. Oh, I see. Pretty! :)