Wednesday 3 January 2024

A Zoya A Day - Cherri

Hi Friends

Well, that wasnt quite! the christmas I'd had planned, the Wednesday before my hubby broke up from work someone came into the office with covid :( so we've both been ill since approx the 20th December, sadly we're also still testing positive as of yesterday.  Very thankful it seems to be a mild version but Matt (hubby) has got a bad cough but is otherwise ok.

Today on the blog I'm sharing my swatch and review of the wonderful Cherri.

Available on the website - Yes
Brush used - Z Wide
Name - Cherri
Year - 2023
Number - ZP1213
Does it stamp - Yes
Coats - 2
Finish - Cream
Collection - Magical
Colour - Red
Topcoat - No/Yes

Cherri can be described as a rich blue-red cream, a classic shade that never ceases to captivate.

Cherri is a wonderful colour, a deep red that interestingly dries matte and much darker than in the bottle. Cherri has a great formula, no running or pooling and I did two coats for my manicure, I then decided on some snow flakes using Barry M Cotton and the Whats Up Nails plate A022 and Moyou Snow Collection 02 plates, then I used Barry M Plumpy topcoat, then a few days later Barry M Matte Topcoat.

Last couple of pics are some super warm slippers my mum got me for christmas and a fleece hoodie I'd picked up in October from Go Outdoors, its by the brand Peter Storm and I think this is a Celia hoodie, covid has broken my internal thermostat even more and I'm either freezing cold or super hot so the hoodie is off and on multiple times a day.


  1. Oh no! That's terrible! :( I hope you feel lots better soon, and had an otherwise all right holiday time. Cherri looks wonderful on you though, and your slippers look lovely and soft! :)

    1. Thank you! We are slowly feeling better, yes the slippers are super soft and toasty warm, yeah apart from the C19 we had a pretty good Christmas.

    2. Oh, good! :)

  2. I woke up on Christmas Eve so ill with a really bad chest infection and flu, I didn't do a test though. I was floored for 2 weeks with it and this bug is doing the rounds up here too. I am back to normal today, but still kinda tired!

    That is a lovely red matte, I take a fancy for a matte now and again. And lovely nail art. The slippers are ultra cute and love the purple tights too :-D

    1. Oh no!!! I do hope you're feeling much better by now! How awful, I had a negative test on Saturday and another negative today but poor Matt is still faintly testing positive :( I'm hoping by Wednesday this week he's clear. The tights are from a UK brand called Foxy Tights, they do plain colours but in 50D. 80D and 120D, I grabbed a bunch of the 120D for layering for winter, so good!