Friday 7 July 2023

Weekend Mani featuring Fancy Gloss, a comparison of Zoya Julie and Aster and a health update.

Hi Friends 

Today I'm sharing my manicure for the weekend and a health update.

Todays nails are a base of one coat Fancy Gloss Pansy stamped with Fancy Gloss Misbehaving, I used Fab Ur Nails Plate Fun 23.  Pansy is a deep pink when cold to white when hot with a strong golden shimmer, Misbehaving is a dark blue toned purple cold to a bright pink when hot.

I'm also sharing a comparison of Zoya Julie and Zoya Aster, Julie is much paler with a grey undertone compared to Aster, the silver particles are also larger in Aster.

The last pic is what I've been prescribed after a discussion with neurology that the botox for migraine hasnt been as effective as it once was, this is a self injector pen. You pull the cap off press it to your thigh then push down.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, pretty! I love the stamping you do with thermals. I don't have any, only Zoya, but that thermal that is deep purple to hot pink is gorgeous!!
    I see what you mean about Julie. She's softer and almost creamier than Aster; are the sparkles smaller? They're both pretty! :)
    I hope the new medication helps you. Chronic health conditions suck, and though I don't have chronic migraine, I have had a few migraines in the past and they're no fun! But of course you already know that :( I really hope it helps you!! <3