Friday 30 June 2023

Zoya Comparison Request - Autumn, Channing, Cinnamon and Sipsey

Hi Friends 

Today on the blog, another comparison request.

We're comparing some orangey browns, or browny oranges? 

Autumn by Zoya can be best described as a varnished copper liquid metal.

Channing by Zoya can be best described as a rusty or coppery red metallic. 

Cinnamon by Zoya can be best described as a classic bronze liquid metal, originally designed for Zang Toi NYFW Fall/Winter 2015.

Sipsey can be described as a Red tinted amber infused with micro-shimmer in a 2-coat full coverage formula.

First I laid them out in alphabetic order and you can see the differences.

Autumn has the orange coppery vibe, Channing has more red undertones, Cinnamon is a brown with little gold speckles to give a bronze colour and Sipsey has a red undertone with all those little gold sparkles.

This lay out is from reddest to orange with Cinnamon on the end the brownest.

I then did a stamp test with Channing and Cinnamon the best of the four. Autumn would work over a darker colour I think. Sipsey is all sparkle.


  1. Eee they're all so pretty!!! Thank you so so much for this! :D It's very hard to choose, but this is very helpful! ♡

    1. You're very welcome :) I love doing these as sometimes I can miss a comparison that makes more sense than the ones I do.

    2. :) I really love all your comparisons; they are /so/ helpful and I haven't seen many other blogs that do them as consistently as you. And I really love the option of asking for a "custom" palette! So, thank you. :)

    3. Well thats kinda why I do them too, its all well and good doing the swatches but if no-one says hey that looks like a dupe of Jill then if you did buy it and it was you'd be miffed. While I want to buy every Zoya going not everyone else does.

    4. Yeah! And it's so helpful that you have almost all of them! :)

    5. Well...... not all of them lol I am missing a good chunk of the lower numbered older polishes, from ZP2 to about ZP60 is missing for me and a lot in the ZP100s, ZP200s with a few from the ZP300s as well. Plus of course the old numbering system which I missed entirely but a lot of those seem to have been french manicure colours.

    6. Oh. How do you find those colours? And know what colours and names they are? I'm curious! But do let me know if I'm asking too many questions! I mostly use the wiki and the US website for finding those sorts of things out, but the wiki doesn't have the latest collections yet (I would add them, but I have no idea how!) and zoya dot com doesn't have older colours :/ Do you not have any of the colours from the past 10 or so years? The earliest I have is Indigo ZP415 (and the newest I have is Honey ZP1121). :)

    7. Because I'm in the UK when Zoya first started they were not shipping to the UK, I know about the old numbering system because I happened across 3 vintage bottles on ebay which I bought and then did some googling, there is another blog out there called The Polished Garden who used to list out all the polish names and a link to any promotional images, sadly her list is also not complete because I have Felina ZP237 who does not show up on her lists or anywhere else for that matter, and that polish was the reason I decided to document what I owned with swatches etc. I own Carmen ZP001 and the latest I own is ZP1184 Yardley, I've come across some older polishes and have purchased them but because they are from say 2004 they arnt out there to purchase as they have been discontinued etc/ Take Julie for example she is ZP650 but for whatever reason that polish was only on the Zoya website for less than a year. I was extremely lucky to find it here in the UK. There is also one other blog called Polished Nails and Dragon Scales who probably does own every single Zoya and was swatching them but then she also stopped.

    8. I'm never going to find a definitive list because Zoya doesnt even keep one, I just look out for Zoya and any time I come across any I check my spreadsheet :) ask away any questions :)

    9. Oh, interesting!! I checked out Polished Nails and Dragon Scales; what a shame they stopped! And I've seen The Polished Garden before; they're the source of most of the data from the wiki. I looked up Julie; maybe the reason she was discontinued so quickly was because she was from NYFW? Also she looks very similar to Aster to me. Thank you for your lengthy reply! :)

    10. Julie was part of the Lovely collection for spring 2013, Aster is close but a much more periwinkle tone than Julie, I'll pop a comparison up :)

    11. Ohhh! I thought Julie was part of both. I thought she looked like Aster because I have Aster and I saw a picture of nail art with a sparkly soft purple Zoya and guessed it might be Aster because I hadn't heard of Julie then. I will look forward to your comparison; thank you!! :D