Wednesday 5 April 2023

Good News! Zoya now ship internationally!

Hi Friends!!

What a crazy few months its been! 

Back last September I noticed that neither Zoya UK aka SuperNail&Beauty nor NailPolsihDirect had gotten the CafĂ© Creams or Metallic Dreams collections, I kinda thought it was a bit odd but I didnt really chase it, I figured they were just being slow at Zoya. Then the classic leathers came out and I was a bit more concerned.  So I contacted Zoya USA via email, heard nothing, tried Facebook and Instagram and again didnt hear anything, so I took it to mean that Zoya had decided to stop supplying the EU and the UK.

But then, it got a little more strange, in January I checked the Zoya UK site and there was nothing listed, not even older polishes I knew they had in stock, so I wondered what was going on, I then checked the site again in March and it was gone but for a holding page saying :- 
SuperNail&Beauty Ltd, 
Dear visitor, this website is temporarily unavailable. 

Now I was really curious, I decided to do a bit of detective work, here in the UK when you create a business you have to give a lot of information to the government like employees, directors, company secretaries etc and accounts for the business year have to be filed, so I looked up SuperNail&Beauty, it was not good news, when I looked at the company accounts the business was in debt to the tune of over £300,000.00, these accounts were also filled very late, December 2021 was filled in September 2022. This week SuperNail&Beauty has also had its first listing in the Gazette for compulsory strike off, meaning the company will be struck off the Company House register and be unable to trade.

SuperNail&Beauty itself is owned by a parent company and it has had issues as well and had a compulsory strike off of the Company House register, basically the company was dissolved but this is being reversed from what I can see of their information.

I can see why Zoya USA stopped sending collections, I'm guessing they are owed a lot of money and said enough.

The brilliant news is that Zoya are now shipping to the EU and the UK! I made an order last week and received it today, so I am a very happy Zoya collector indeed! 

I will be posting up comparisons over the next few days for your viewing pleasure.

Oh one other item of note, I have seen that Zoya sued Kathleen Fuentes aka Lights Lacquer because Lights Lacquer used names that Zoya had used for their polishes, Zoya trademarks all the names it uses for its polishes, lots of people have been getting the wrong end of the stick regarding this, its not the names themselves per say, its the naming convention, Zoya is now the only company that uses names for their polishes, Julep used to but Zoya again sued them also for the same thing, because Zoya had been in business since 1986 and Julep started in 2007, think of it like Toyota wanting to name their new car a Mustang, or if I said I was wearing Ruby Pumps you'd know thats a polish by China Glaze, Barry M here in the UK has a similar polish but they called theirs Ruby Slippers.  OPI uses pun names for its polishes, Zoya uses names, thats their thing and they have the right to protect it, Lights Lacquer *might* have been ok if they had used names Zoya had not but they didnt so have suffered the consequences.

TGG aka Jac


  1. That is some research you did on Zoya and that site! That is super you got your polishes so quickly! :-D You are the leading authority on Zoya in the UK or Europe I bet! And I know you'll know more than their staff ;-)

    Good to see you back. I am only recently back too after a few months off. My nails are really long just now so been painting them and trying to be careful. Hopefully get another week out of them.

    Glad the gang is well. Mine are all good, crazy as ever too!

    1. Yeah, it helps being nosy lol my nails are short at the moment, the middle nail on my left hand is very weak, been trying to grow it out to get stronger keeping them short.