Tuesday 1 February 2022

Zoya Dazzle Comparisons - Bottles and Swatch Sticks.

Hey Friends

Today I've got my comparisons for the Dazzle collection for Winter 2021/2022, this is a five piece collection consisting of Alexis, Esme, Sophia, Dominique and Marlena, they are all glass fleck polishes. I do not have the lip gloss because those dont seem to be available from Nail Polish Direct where I purchased my set from.

As with all my comparisons, theyre taken in day light and the new polish is always the first left.

First up is Alexis who is described as a shimmering white diamond with a beautiful mirrored effect.

Left to Right Alexis, Eclipse and Dallas, no dupes, the sparkles in Eclipse are coloured while Dallas has those white glitters. My swatch sticks for the white are painted black underneath to show their colour better. I did half black and half white for Alexis though.

Esme can best be described as a soft rose gold with a glistening gold glass fleck.
Left to Right Esme, Tiffany and Tinsley, no dupes Esme is a slightly different colour tone to Tinsley and Tiffany who is sadly discontinued. Esme to me is a peachy golden orange not rose gold.

Sophia can best be described as an intense crimson red with a golden glass-fleck blended in.
Left to right, Sophia, Jade and Marigold, no dupes, Jades particles are red not gold, and Marigold is a much brighter base colour.

Dominique can best be described as a royal purple with a fierce glass fleck effect.
Left to right, Dominique, Cookie, Daul and Faye, no dupes, Dominique is much deeper than Daul and Faye, more like Cookie, this is the second use of the name, the original was a red cream polish from 2005.

Marlena can best be described as a mid-toned cerulean blue with a gorgeous gold fleck effect.
Left to right Marlena, Summer, Hazel and Crystal, no dupes, this was quite interesting because I was sure this was going to be close to Charla and Remy but its much much brighter.  The closest is Summer but she has a green aqua undertone.

I really need to re-order my wall now, but I'm trying to wait until I've swatched all the blues, I dont want to re-order them and then miss a colour because it got moved.

I am planning on picking up the Naturel 5 set when it gets to the UK at some point.

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