Friday 10 December 2021

Weekend Mani

Hey Friends

I'm sharing my weekend mani with you today, I am seriously struggling to see to do my usual blog posts, wearing glasses that arnt strong enough because theyre three years old, my ears hurt, my nose hurts and I'm really struggling to see.

Anyway, I'm wearing Femme Fatale Swept Across the Sea a gorgeous thermal polish, cold its a deep seafoamy green with a multi-chrome shift, warm its a silvery toned blue. This has a really great formula, no running or pooling and I did two coats for opacity. The Femme Fatale dries matte, pics are with topcoat.

I then decided on a coat of Fancy Gloss Tidal Class which is a black when cold to clear thermal with blue flakie shards, I really would love to stamp but I cant see to do so.  I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to do the daily posts until I can wear my contact lenses again which I'm hoping will be after December 21st, I dont think I need to wear my glasses until my eye surgery at the end of December.


  1. Amazing nails :-D

    Ugg I feel like that. My eyes are getting worse by the day. Well my left is. I will need to speak to the optician on Monday.

    1. Good luck, maybe you can get your cataract sorted too.

    2. We she had referred me to the Hospital. And got the blood test on Wed. Need to fast the night before and it is a late moring appt! At least I can drink water haha! I am getting nervous. I hate blood tests as they cannot find a vein :-|

    3. Hopefully all went well, my eye op is postponed until January 10th.