Wednesday 10 November 2021

Zoya Naturel 4 Collection for Spring 2021 Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

Hey Friends

Today on the blog I have the Naturel 4 collection to share with you, this is a six piece set of all neutral shades. 

The set comprises 6 shades in Evelyn, Cami, Barrett, Vivian, Adeline and Marlowe.

As with all comparisons the new polish is always first left and the photos are taken in direct sunlight with a Google Pixel 4a phone. I dont colour correct my photos and do mention if the polish has not photographed accurately.

First up
L to R 
Evelyn, Jaime, Birch and Abby
No dupes, Evelyn has a pink undertone, Jaime is a very pale pink almost looks white compared to Evelyn, Birch has a more blue undertone and Abby is way more purple than all of them.

L to R Cami, Kylie (original), Birch and Kayleigh, no dupes Cami has much more pink than Birch or Kayleigh, Kylie has a hint of peach and is a discontinued polish.

L to R Barrett, Vee and Trudith, no dupes, Barrett is dustier and paler than Vee or Trudith.

L to R Vivian, Vee, Adeline and Violet, no dupes Vivian is much deeper in colour than Vee with no brown like Adeline has, Vivian is closest to Violet who was a limited edition and is no longer available.

L to R Adeline, Marnie and Violet, no dupes Marnie has way more red/brown than Adeline and Violet is a muted dusty purple without a brown undertone like Adeline.

L to R Marlowe and Andrea, no dupes, I have nothing like Marlowe.

There we are, do you think Zoya did a good job with the Naturel 4 collection? I really love Vivian because shes very close to Violet who I only had a mini of.

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