Sunday 11 July 2021

Zoya Dreamin - Swatch stick and Bottle shot Comparisons.

Hey Friends

Today I share my comparisons for the Dreamin collection for summer 2021.

This is a six piece set comprising of Desi, Polly, Darla, Summer, Skipper and Mateo.

As with all photos theyre taken in natural light, with the new polish on the left. My swatch sticks are all two coats even Skipper the neon purple.

First up is Darla, shown with Sandy and Jenna no dupes, Darla has a more red undertone and is a much deeper pink.

Left to Right Desi, Micky and Ella
No dupes, Desi is a much deeper colour than Micky or Ella.

Left to right Polly, Micky and Ella
No dupes, Polly has more pink than Micky and is deeper than Ella.

Left to Right Desi, Polly and Ella to show how different Desi and Polly are.

Left to tight Mateo, Walker and Dory
No dupes, Mateo is brighter than Walker but darker than Dory.

Left to Right Summer and Muse
No dupes, Summer is a totally different finish than Muse but the colour is similar.

Left to right Skipper, Serenity and Mira.
No dupes Skipper is way brighter than Serenity and Mira who have more blue in their undertone.

Last photo as you can see the creams all stamp nicely.


  1. Replies
    1. No, I always love showing that Zoya does not dupe itself,, unlike OPI who do it all the time and also re-release stuff under a different name O.o!