Tuesday 22 December 2020

Intriguing Swatch Stick and Bottle Comparisons

Hey Friends

Today I finally share my swatches and comparisons, the pics are taken in day light on a dull winter day. If you want to see something else compared let me know and if I have the polish I can compare. Sorry these took so long to do, been struggling with my eyes lately as its been almost two years since my last eye test and my lenses are very outta date.

As usual the new polish is on the left.

Left to right
Lottie and Sue
Lottie can best be described as a soft champagne pearl with a hint of glistening shimmer blended in. 
Sue can be best described as a soft champagne gold with a multi-hued oyster shell pearl fleck in the traditional Matte Velvet finish
No dupes, Lottie is much more sparkly than Sue and a lighter colour.

Left to Right, 
Nico and Gal
Nico is described  as a celadon-toned pearl with a touch of silver shimmer blended in.
Gal can be best described a smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic, no dupes you can see Nico is much brighter and more green based than Gal.

Left to right
Eunice, Scout and Arbor
No dupes, Eunice is much brighter than and has more green than Scout and Arbor is a cream.
Eunice can best be described as a chartreuse metallic green
Scout can be best described as a shimmering moss green
Arbor can be best described as a rich olive green cream

Left to Right
Soko and Greta
Soko can best be described as a wintery Poinsettia red cream
Greta can best be described as a ripe tomato red cream
Reds are way to hard to compare via a monitor, I could have pulled half my reds and theyd likely all look the same.

Left to right
Koley and Rosa
Koley can best be described as a ruby pink metallic
Rosa  can best be described as a bright and cheerful fuchsia with a pearl effect.
No dupes, Koley is a much deeper pink.

Left to right
Beverly and Quinn
Beverly can best be described as a dark purple-toned red cream.
Quinn described as a very rich red-berry with slight purple undertones in a glossy creme finish.
No dupes, Beverly has a really brown undertone.

Left to Right
Avi and Violet
Avi can best be described as a smoky greige cream with a hint of red-brown.
Violet was a limited edition and can be best described as a dusty purple cream.
No dupes, oddly I dont have anything close to Avi is greyer and dustier than everything I tried. In the pic you can see that brown undertone.

Left to right
Nisha, Jen and Neve
Nisha can best be described as a deep royal blue-violet metallic.
Jen can best be described as a royal sapphire blue with a hint of purple.
Neve can be best described as a sapphire blue with a smooth metallic finish.
No dupes, that purple undertone in Nisha really shines through in person.

Left to right
Isti, Nyx and Bay
Isti can best be described as a wintery steel blue, textured PixieDust with a pop of brilliant royal blue for added vibrancy.
Nyx can be best described as a perfect periwinkle with a sugared sparkle
Bay  can be best described as a sky blue, textured PixieDust - Textured with fine silver and gold glitter creating a dreamy effect.
No dupes, Isti has that silver and blue sparkle.

Left to right
Meredith or Merredith as my bottle happens to says and Dream
Meredith can best be described as a twinkling midnight sapphire blue with an icy light blue shimmer.
Dream can best be described as a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic glitter.
No dupes, Meredith is slightly brighter than Dream because of that silver glitter.

Left to right
Brett and Sailor
Brett can best be described as a deep charcoal indigo cream
Sailor can be best described as a classic dark navy cream.
No dupes Brett is slightly lighter than Sailor

Left to right
Regina and Holly
Regina can best be described as an alluring dark emerald green metallic.
Holly is a discontinued polish from Zoya and can be described as a slightly warm-toned, dark green with a frost finish.
No dupes, Regina is darker than Holly.

There you have all the closest polishes I could find, the following also stamp Beverly, Avi, Brett, Koley, Soko, Nisha, Meredith and Eunice.


  1. They look similar but none are the same! :-)

    Hope you are okay and new spex time for you! OMG I have been stressing out about all the crap happening....new strains...full lockdown....and Dover. Shops are mental up here and folk panic buying!

    1. Its getting very worrying because now there is another new variant thats again more contagious, its going to vaccine escape, we got our last food delivery on Saturday night and are hunkering down until the new year.