Monday 30 November 2020

Weekend Mani - Nice, Eunice and some stamping with Dree

 Hey Friends

I picked up the full Zoya Intriguing collection from Nail Polish Direct in their black Friday sale, I've run out of swatch sticks and label tape! Have ordered swatch sticks and label tape, so hopefully at some point this week I'll be able to do a swatch comparison.

As I didnt manage to get a post up on Friday, I'm going to share my weekend mani with you.

I started out with two coats each of Nico and Eunice, great formula on both, no running or pooling and opaque in two coats.

Then I decided I fancied some stamping, to colour match I went with Zoya Dree. I used plate Flourishes and Ornaments from Uber Chic with Big Bling Stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper.  These have turned out really nicely, I then topped with Barry M Plumpy topcoat and then used Barry M matte topcoat over the stamping.


  1. Looks great and like the colours :-D

    Ohhh I will look forward to that. I was naughty too got all the new a-England polishes. They look great :-D

    1. I like A-England have a few myself but I always go for the Zoya on my limited budget.