Wednesday 25 November 2020

A Zoya A Day - Bekka

Hey Friends

Today on the blog we meet Bekka

Available on USA website - No
Available on the UK website - No
Brush used - Z Wide
Does it stamp - No
Name - Bekka
Year - 2008
Number - ZP0446
Coats - 3
Finish - Metallic
Collection - Chit-Chat
Colour - Yellow/Lime
Topcoat - No

Bekka is a sadly discontinued polish, I'd describe it as a lime yellow with yellow/gold/red shimmer.

This is stunning, its one of my all time favs, I've worn it a lot. Its got a thin sheer formula but it doesnt run or pool, I also use the z wide brush to give as streak free a finish as possible. 

I did three coats on its own on my left hand and one coat over Virago Varnish No More S'mores on my right hand. I really want to compare this to Eunice from the new Intriguing collection. My photos do not do this polish justice. I wish I had a backup bottle.


  1. Such amazing green! Always hard to find a great formula green! So creamy!

    1. Thanks, yes this has quite a yellow undertone which I like.

  2. That looks amazing and again with the shimmer <3 I do like these sorts too :-D