Sunday 11 October 2020

Zoya Luscious Bottle and Swatch Stick Comparisons

 Hey Friends

Finally! I have my comparisons for the Luscious Collection from Zoya for Fall/Autumn 2020.

There are some seriously lush colours in this collection and I've seen a sneak peak of the holiday collection and oh boy :) 

So as always the new polish is first left and the photos are taken in natural day light with my phone camera, I dont colour correct only crop and add my water mark, I will say if something hasnt photographed correctly because as we know Zoya are sometimes naughty and do not photograph properly, looking at you Zoya Stella!   

So first up we have Patrice

Left to Right Patrice, Addison and Corinna
No dupes, Patrice has a much warmer pinker undertone than Addison who has a peachier undertone, also different finish.

Left to right Wanda, Shelby and Sweet
No dupes, Wanda has all that sparkle while Shelby and Sweet are creams.

Left to right Tommy, Darby and August
No dupes, you can see how blue toned Tommy is next to Darby which is a blue but its still a grey polish, I see Zoya havent put this into a colour category on their website, it could go into the blues or greys, its going in the greys for me.

Left to right Tasha, Cinnamon, Sedona and Kalista
No dupes, Tasha is a darker version of Cinnamon and Sedona and Kalista have that red undertone and no large particles.

Next up Soleil, Penny and Jinx
No dupes, Soleil is a different finish and has a redder undertone than Penny and Jinx who are both sadly discontinued.

Left to right, Mel, Shawn and Hunter
Possible dupe between Mel and Shawn, Hunter has more blue than Mel and Shawn, in the sunshine Mel looks maybe one or two tones darker

Left to right Lou, Breezi and Talia
No dupes Lou is a couple of shades darker than Talia, the swatch sticks are the more accurate colour, its why I do swatch sticks and the bottle shots, Zoya do tend to dry darker on the nail than the bottle colour.

Left to right Teresa and Harlow
No dupes, Teresa is the weirdest colour, its not pink toned or blue toned its got a greyish dusty undertone, look at all my light to mid toned purples and you can see its unique. Harlow is discontinued.  The sunshine is throwing the colour off in the bottle colour, this is a very dusty purple.

Left to right Lisa, Rekha and Lisa the original
No dupes, new Lisa is darker than Rekha and has a more blue undertone, original Lisa has shimmer. Sadly the original Lisa is discontinued.

Left to right Sharon, Rie and Donnie
No dupes, Sharon is darker than Rie and Donnie is a pink.

Left to right Bentley, Landon and Jessica
Possible dupes, in the bottle they look different but as you can see on the swatch sticks theyre very close, possibly Sharon is slightly darker than Landon.

Finally last but not least is Andrea
Left to right Andrea and Ki
No dupes, Andrea is a red toned purple multi chrome and Ki is a blackened duo chrome that shifts purple and green.

There we are, if you think I missed a polish comparison or youd like to see something you own against one of these polishes let me know and if I own the polish I can do the comparison.


  1. OMG again I am drooling at how many Zoyas you have! :-D

    1. I was lucky when i was working I found a couple of sites that had cheap zoya and I went a little crazy lol

    2. Yes I can see that ;-) I went a little crazy a few times too :-O Recently on Barry M.