Sunday 14 June 2020

A Zoya A Day - Sally

Hey friends

Its a sunny Sunday but I think there might be rain and a thunder storm later.

Available on USA website - Yes
Available on the UK website - Yes
Brush used - Z Wide (White Dot)
Does it stamp - No
Name - Sally
Year - 2006
Number - ZP0351
Coats - 3
Finish - Metallic
Collection - Spa Essentials
Colour - Nude
Topcoat - None

Sally by Zoya can be best described as a nude flesh-tone warm pink with very subtle pale salmon undertones and soft silvery shimmer. I purchased this from a destash hence she has no label, I did a lot of checking and looking at swatches to confirm it is Sally, the original vendor was sure thats what it was too. I did three coats for this one, good formula, no running or pooling.


  1. It is okay but not really me! :-|

    We had rain and clouds earlier, but it has been really sunny since about 2pm so dug out a holo lol! :-D

    1. We had a massive rain storm with thunder.

    2. Jeez oh! Nothing up here. Today was cloudy but very warm!

    3. Last night we had a huge storm again, lots of lightning and thunder.