Sunday 17 May 2020

A Zoya A Day - Leia

Hey Polishers

Today we have the lovely Leia to share with you :) 

Available on USA website - Yes
Available on the UK website - Yes but out of stock
Brush used - Original
Does it stamp - No

Name - Leia
Year - 2016
Number - ZP0835
Coats - 2
Finish - Shimmer
Collection - Petals
Colour - Clear
Topcoat - None

Leia is described as as a sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold, I'd say this is accurate. I think I could get this opaque in three coats but I also dont have any free edge at the moment. The formula on this is good, no running or pooling.

My swatches show two coats on its own and one coat over Zoya Ripley a red undertoned med purple.


  1. This is lovely and fab layered :-D

    1. It gives such a pretty shimmer to the polish :) I do love this one :)