Wednesday 26 June 2019

Fancy Gloss - Black Heart

Today I have the other Fancy Gloss I picked up.

This is the stunning and super vampy Black Heart, this is giving me so many Drucilla vibes.

This had a great formula, opaque in 2 coats, in time this could be a one coater, I tested it this morning and it stamps :)

In the cold state this is black, normally it dries to a matte finish, I stamped using a Mundo De Unas plate called AK50 which has an origami feel to it. My stamping polish was Revlon Stiletto. I used Barry M Plumpy topcoat then Barry M Matte topcoat to make the stamping easier to see.

When its in the warm state its a lush bright red, you can see it almost has a tri-thermal look as the black fades it goes a dark red then fully hot its the bright red.

This transitions nicely as well, in the fully hot picture I did have to use manipulation because I was feeling very cold yesterday, had a cardigan on and the heating was on.

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