Thursday 25 April 2019

Zoya Evette

Happy Thursday

Today on the blog I have a stunning red toned purple for you and its a one coat wonder as well!

I give you Evette, second picture is taken in natural indirect light and third picture was taken under my LED light, the swatch comparisons are in direct sunlight and the bottle shots are in the same order as the swatch sticks.

This is a gorgeous purple, very red leaning, perfect formula, no running or pooling and totally opaque in one sweet coat. If you love purples like I do then you need this lady in your collection.  She also stamps!

A Zoya a Day
Name - Evette
Year - 2019
Number - ZP980
Coats - 1
Finish - Creme
Collection - Innocence
Colour - Purple
Topcoat - None

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