Friday 12 April 2019

Migraine, depression, Game of Thrones

Hey guys

Long time no blog, I've been struggling a bit with some depression, I had my eyes tested at the beginning of April and my contact lenses reading is now minus 19.25 and my glasses are now minus 24, specsavers want to charge me over £400 for my glasses lenses which I cannot afford, so now I have to ask specsavers to write a letter to the hospital and hope that they take me on and provide me with glasses.  So sick of fighting for help. My migraines have been a bit dodgy as well, think it took a bit for the March botox to finally kick in as well.

Anyway, really I should be happy, I've been managing to walk 2 miles on my treadmill in under an hour which is bloody fantastic given I couldnt walk half a mile at the start of January. I've also lost 4kgs in weight with the walking and watching what I eat.

Today I am wearing the stunning Flowie, its like I dipped my nails in toffee!

A Zoya a Day
Name - Flowie
Year - 2000
Number - ZP139
Coats - 2
Finish - Creme
Collection - Classic
Colour - Brown
Topcoat - None

Miss Rosie is really enjoying the conservatory now as its getting more and more sun and is very warm, which she loves!

Because I've been struggling with my eyes and had moved my chair even closer to our 65 inch tv my hubby went and got a projector and 106 inch screen, we got it set up last weekend and I have been marathoning Game of Thrones on the giant screen, the battles have been epic! I cant wait for April 15th for season 8. We did remove those hideous ceiling lights.

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