Sunday 30 December 2018

Zoya Isla and Courtney

Today on the blog I have two stunning reds for you.

I have a lot of untried reds, I think mainly because I dread cleanup with reds and I am not the best painter due to only seeing out of one eye, however, I've made a real effort to wear the untried ones this last month.  Todays pair are divine.

Courtney is a lush dark red with that hint of brown undertone to give it that oxblood vibe, perfect formula no running or pooling and opaque in two coats. Also it should be noted that in person Courtney is totally opaque in real life, mot entirely sure hows its showing my tips.

Isla, oh Isla I am so sorry its taken me so long to wear you! This is utterly stunning, its deep but bright, vampy but Christmasy, no idea how Zoya do this kind of polish but they do it very well indeed, think Giada, Cinnamon etc. Perfect formula and opaque in two coats.

I can report than I've been wearing the gel overlays on my nails for 2 weeks and I am very happy, this is the longest my nails have gotten before breaking, I do have a break on my middle right nail but the gel and silk patch are really holding it together amazingly well and the nail feels solid and safe.

A Zoya a Day
Name - Isla
Year - 2009
Number - ZP495
Coats - 2
Finish - Metallic
Collection - Truth
Colour - Red
Topcoat - None

A Zoya a Day
Name - Courtney
Year - 2016
Number - ZP856
Coats - 2
Finish - Creme
Collection - Urban
Colour - Red
Topcoat - None

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