Saturday 15 December 2018

Gel overlays and review of SunOne LED/UV Lamp.

Happy Saturday!

Today on the blog I have a review of a SunOne LED/UV lamp and Gelish structure gel.

Below is a picture of my naked nails and the nail highlighted is broken, way low down past the free edge, infact its so far down that I couldnt even cut the nail to a nub and get past the break, so I decided to give me nails some help by using gel.  I asked the question in a facebook group about a good lamp and which gel to use and decided on Gelish structure gel and a SunOne lamp.

This is the link to lamp I got, reasonable price and its a UK seller which means a UK plug and no worries about it coming from China and possibly hitting a customs charge.

The lamp is very easy to use, its got an on/off button along with a 5second, 30 second and 60 second buttons, the other nice thing is it also has a sensor so then when you put your hand into the machine it auto starts.  You can also select it to work at 24 or 48 watts. The unit is quit compact and sits nicely on my desk when not in use.

To prep your nails remove all old polish with polish remover, I then wash my hands and dry them, then I use one coat of the PH Bonder to dehydrate the nails ready for the gel.

So to protect my nails I decided on one coat of the foundation gel which you cure for 10 seconds on full power (48w) then I did two coats of the structure gel each layer being cured for 30 seconds, I also added a small silk wrap patch to the broken nail for extra strength when doing the foundation layer.  Once I had done the layers I rubbed the sticky layer off with isopropanol, you can use pure acetone as well, the second picture shows the results.  The gels are quite thick and you dont need a lot of product to cover your nail, plus you can manipulate it a lot because it wont cure or dry until you put into the lamp.  You just have to be careful, to not get any on your skin and if you do wipe it off before curing using pure acetone.

If you have weak nails I highly recommend this method of adding strength and protection to your nails.

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