Monday 15 October 2018

Zoya Cinnamon, Cola, Leighton and Monica

Today on the blog I have swatches of some Zoya for you plus if you like wax melts I have an awesome maker for you too.

I've had to change my set up for viewing my laptop, I have a 13inch macbook pro but due to deteriorating eyesight I can no longer view the screen so my hubs has been very kind and set me up with a 20 inch screen he had spare, mac keyboard and mouse from his macmini and I now have a kind of desktop set up. I'm on the look out for a larger screen as the 20 inch is still a little small for my liking but for now it working a treat.

So our polishes for today are some stunning autumn themed ones.

I have Cola who is a very warm red toned brown, great formula, opaque in 2 coats.

With Cola I wore the amazing Cinnamon who was the perfect formula and opaque in one sweet coat, this is stunning, a gorgeous coppery brown shimmer, with mani I also stamped some leaves using Uberchic lovely leaves plate and Virago Varnish Nauseating. The last picture is a shot of Pepper and Cola, they are different Cola is much lighter in colour and has a much redder undertone.

Keep reading after the pics I got more, this is quite a long post! 

So after Cinnamon and Cola I decided on a couple of vampy purples, I have a lot of campy reds and purples but for some reason I rarely wear them :( I must change this as there are some serious stunners out there and the two I picked out were Leighton and Monica.

Ah Monica why did it take me so long to wear you, she is amazing a dusty dark vampy purple with a grey undertone opaque in one sweet coat with the perfect formula, no running or pooling and went exactly were I put it.

The theres Leighton, she is an almost black purple, again a perfect formula in one sweet coat, no running or pooling, I had to be super careful in applying this as clean up can be tricky with such a dark colour.  I would say this is a brighter purple than the iconic Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI with a bluer undertone also. Infact let me go grab the swatch sticks and take some pictures! 

The difference in these two is much more apparent in person, sadly my phone wasnt great at getting a good shot, oh well.

This shot is me holding a bottle of Zoya Willa a pure black, hopefully you can see that Leighton is purple :)

Now for the wax vendor, I love wax melts as you can change your fragrance as often as you like, in the summer we'd taken a road trip to Tissington in Derbyshire, this is the cutest little village you will ever see! It has an amazing vintage sweet shop, a cafe and On A Wick and A Prayer candle and wax melt shop, which is an Aladdins cave of all things candles, wax and if you need some plates or cups they also do ceramics.  Their wax melts come in a 100g bar shaped like a chocolate bar which when broken up gives you 24 chunks of heaven all for only £2.99 which is amazing value for money, I only picked up a couple of bars while I was there because I didnt know how good they'd be, the instructions say brake 2 or 3 pieces off and put them in your burner and off you go, I got Hot Toddy and Woodsmoke burning first and wow they smelled amazing but also the throw was really great, the 2 little bits I used kept their smell for 4 days before I had to change it and this was burning a tea light every day for 4 hours at a time.

Check them out if you love wax melts like I do :) 

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