Monday 27 August 2018

Broken nails and shorties!

Well that was an exciting return to F1 then, Spa is always crazy and yesterday was no exception! We have Fernando Alonso's car flying over Charles Leclerc's car at the very first corner, thankfully due to the halo no-one was hurt!

Now on the sad tail of my nails. So below you can see the two broken nails on my left hand, I did have silk wrap and nail glue used to hold the breaks, unfortunately they weren't holding and I've had to cut everything back.

The bottom picture is what I was left with, and yes my nails are stained, they stain very easily and I wear double basecoat as a matter of course.  You can see on the side by side that my right ring finger looks whiter than the others, this one also was wearing a silk wrap patch for quite a while.

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