Tuesday 19 June 2018

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins


I do love a good book, I read a lot, when I have a migraine I cannot watch TV its all too loud with lots of colour. I also have limited sight so use a kindle paperwhite.

Paula Hawkins is the lady behind the fantastic Girl on the Train which was also made into a film, Into the Water is her second novel.

Into the Water starts with Julia (Jules) finding out her sister Danielle (Nel) has died by drowning but all is not what it seems, events in their past have ment that Jules hasn't spoken to Nel in years, Beckford is not a happy place for Jules and Nel's daughter Lena isnt happy to see her aunt either. 

Nel was working on a novel about the towns Drowning Pool where witches have been drowned and its where Nel went to think, its also where a lot of women from Beckford have died either by their own hand or not.

Lots of people even seem happy that Nel is dead.......

The style of this book is a chapter from each of the main players from their point of view so the story does jump around a little as its not a linear narrative, I am not a fan of this style of book but the story was very good, I thought I had totally sorted out who had done what until the very last chapter!

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