Monday 11 September 2023

Zoya Enamoured Set A - Comparisons of bottles and swatch sticks plus Wren.

Hi Friends

Today on the blog I'm sharing my swatch stick and bottle comparisons for Wren and set A of the new Enamoured collection.

I have the following to share

Wren, Frenchy, Precious, Murphy, Lennon, Jean and Eleanor.

If youre new here, I put the newest polish to be compared on the left, my photos are taken in natural day light and I do nothing other than crop and add my watermark.

These polishes now come with the Z Wide brush already inside.

Continued below.

First up left to right is Frenchy, Gwen, Jordan and Jodi, Frenchy described as a warm beige pink, no dupes, Frenchy has a much more beige undertone than Gwen, both Jordan and Jodi have much more white undertones.

Left to right Precious, Patrice, Kit and Zanna, Precious is described as an orchid mauve purple infused with a hint of micro rose gold flakes, no dupes, Precious has a much pinker undertone than Patrice, Kit and Zanna all have a brown/orange undertone.

Left to right Eleanor, Dominique and Sansa, Eleanor is described as a dark cinnamon mahogany crushed velvet finish, Eleanor is stunning, no dupes, the undertones are all different.

Left to right Murphy, Yara and Logan, Murphy is described as an ultra-dark army green crushed velvet finish, no dupes, Yara is a much lighter colour with a yellow undertone and Logan is a much deeper colour with a blue undertone.

Left to right Jean, Elsa and Kira, Jean is described as a rich indigo periwinkle with a shimmering holographic finish, no dupes, Jean has a purple undertone compared to Elsa and Kira.

Left to right Lennon, Muse and Sparrow, Lennon is described as a deep pacific teal with a shimmering holographic finish, no dupes, Lennon is slightly darker than Muse who has a green undertone and is sadly discontinued, Sparrow is lighter.

Last up we have Wren, described by Zoya as a royal purple, sparkling with blue, pink, and silver micro shimmer, no dupes, Wren has a similar base colour to Banks but with all that added sparkle, Finley has more blue undertone than Wren and Skipper is much lighter.

So there we have the first set of six for the new Enamoured Fall/Autumn collection, do you think I missed a comparison? let me know in the comments and if I own the Zoya I will do the comparison.


  1. Ooh, yay, a new post! I was starting to worry about you!

    This is an interesting collection! They have ordered the colours strangely though. I wasn't sure how much I was liking it, but your comparisons have changed my mind! I have two questions: are any of them textured? and have they switched to doing entirely Z-wide brushes now? (I hope they haven't!)

    Precious' finish reminds me of Patrice and Wanda from the Fall 2020 line.

    Is Jean similar to Alice? I imagine they're kinda similar, but Jean is more indigo/darker and Alice is more of a lighter periwinkle!

    Muse is discontinued?! Noooo!!! :((( They've quietly discontinued a lot lately :(

    I think Jean, Wren and maybe Lennon are my favourites from here! :)

    1. Ello, I'm still here, got distracted by other stuff and kept forgetting to post.
      Yes the glitters are a little textured, no pixie dust texture though.
      The brush thing I think they might have sadly, although their website is slightly confusing because now under each polish theres a little note about adding a z wide brush to your order for 50 cents.
      I can pull Precious, Patrice and Wanda to compare :)
      Jean I think its a much deeper version of Alice IMHO, I'll pull those out today.
      Yeah its weird as thats the only one not on the site anymore :(

    2. I'm glad! I hope all is well in your life. :)

      Interesting! Are they matte too?

      Noooo! :( It's not /that/ bad, but still disappointing. I wonder if they'll swap the Z-wide add-on to a normal/skinny/Precision brush add-on.

      :D I think they're different colours, but the tones and finish really stood out to me as similar!

      Yeah, I didn't think they'd be super close, but they're both bluey-purple sparklies! :)

      Only one from Tickled/Bubbly? I have noticed Eastyn, Dot, Tulip, Jacqueline and Tiana have all quietly disappeared lately, which is sad. I quite liked a couple of those!

    3. I'm good, I need to do a health update now I've had my third Ajovy injection. Oh no :( cant believe they discontinued those ones, I adore Eastyn and Jacqueline and Tiana. I'm wearing Jean today and it dries dull, I've taken some pics before and after topcoat to share when I do her post.

    4. I know! I feel like they're quietly removing quite a few, which is something I haven't noticed them doing for a while. Are you familiar with the Wayback Machine? It's an internet archive that captures snapshots of websites. It might be helpful to help figure out when things are/were discontinued, or at least you can still view their pages if you want the information. I know, I really love Eastyn too and was hoping to get Tiana! Have fun wearing Jean! I decided on Ember out of the reds and am wearing her today :)

    5. The wayback machine is not something I've heard of before no, I'm guessing Zoya only has a set number of colours they keep on the site, baring in mind some finishes elements can be hard to get or not made anymore, I think its why the discontinued Julie and the Fleck Effect polishes so quickly, checking today they have 662 colours available, that does include the Naked Manicure tinted bases though.

    6. It can be helpful for tracking old releases, though I don't think it really likes how image-heavy the Zoya website is :/ Here's a semi-recent link that works (the most recent ones are just blank for some reason, but the older ones are good!):

      It's a shame :( but 662 isn't bad!! :)

    7. Whoa that lists 928 items, I guess they've looked at what was and was not selling and pulled the ones no-one had bought in the last one or two months..?

    8. I think 928 is the number when you don't filter out the Hot Lips and things like that! With the "nail polish" filter/toggle on, I got 645 nail polishes (including Naked Manicure) on January 9 2022. I suppose that they must remove 12 or so polishes every collection to make room for the new ones?