Monday 1 May 2023

A Zoya A Day - Bonnie

Hi Friends

Today I'm sharing my swatch and review of the topper called Bonnie.

Available on the website - Yes
Brush used - Original
Does it stamp - No
Name - Bonnie
Year - 2023
Number - ZP1148
Coats - 1
Finish - Glitter 
Collection - Café Creams
Colour - Rose Gold
Topcoat - No

Bonnie can be described as a sheer and luminous rose gold topper, that can be worn alone or as a semi-textured glitter over your favourite Café Creams.

Bonnie is really pretty, I decided to try this over a black Barry M Black Forest, a white Barry M Cotton, then the following Zoya, Dagmar, Althea, Gidget and Sylva, I thought that would give a good idea of what it would be like as a topper.

Bonnie has a lovely formula for a topper, not too base heavy, thankfully the glitters arnt so large as to make removal a pain in the rear, I really like the green and gold combo myself. I did one coat over everything, the swatch stick has two coats.

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