Tuesday 27 September 2022

A Zoya A Day - Gigi and Lux

Hey Friends

Today on the blog we meet Gigi and Lux.  These are the last polishes I have to share with you until I pick up the CafĂ© Creams and the Metallic Dreams collections, probably next month. I picked up Lux from a destash a few months ago.

Available on USA website - Yes
Available on the UK website - Yes
Brush used - Original
Does it stamp - Yes
Name - Gigi
Year - 2022
Number - ZP1147
Coats - 2
Finish - Cream
Collection - Pink Palette
Colour - Pink
Topcoat - No

Gigi is described as a red azalea cream nail polish.

Available on USA website - Yes
Available on the UK website - Yes
Brush used - Original
Does it stamp - No
Name - Lux
Year - 2014
Number - ZP0719
Coats - 2
Finish - Pixie Dust
Collection - Spring Pixie Dusts
Colour - Pink
Topcoat - No

Lux by Zoya can be best described as a rose quartz sparkle textured PixieDust - Textured with mega hex iridescent particles.

Both of these are stunning, Gigi is a very deep pink with a red undertone, good formula, no running or pooling and opaque in two coats, Gigi also stamps.

Lux I picked up from a destash a while ago, I do keep an eye out for older Zoya I dont own but no-one seems to want to part with any of the lower ZP number, I have pretty much everything from about the 500 mark on.

Lux has a great formula, no running or pooling and I did two coats, maybe I could have done a third.....

The last pics are of my current manicure, I finally succumbed to the reflective glitter, I decided on Fancy Gloss Rainbow Stardust, this is such an interesting polish, I started with two coats of Unt Ready for Takeoff peel off basecoat because glitter, then I did two coats of RS, finally one coat of Barry M Plumpy Topcoat, interestingly this does remind me of a Pixie Dust or Liquid Sand polish, this looks like a dark grey polish in normal light or sunlight, its only when you hit it extremely bright light i.e. flash from my camera phone that bam out comes the sparkle.


  1. OMG that reflective glitter is amazing - I didn't know about it!

    Lux is super gorgeous, I really like the Pixie Dusts :-D

    1. Isnt it fab lol first time trying it and wowza under my flash lol I'm about to take it off though, had 4 days wear, now I want to change my polish, thinking about nail art of some kind :)