Sunday 24 May 2020

A Zoya A Day - Christinna

Hey friends

Today we have the lovely Christinna

Available on USA website - No
Available on the UK website - Yes
Brush used - original
Does it stamp - No

Name - Christinna
Year - 2004
Number - ZP0287
Coats - 3
Finish - Shimmer
Collection - Divas
Colour - White
Topcoat - None

Christinna can be  described as a light, delicate shimmering white with a touch of grey and frosty silver shimmer. A unique dove grey that's impossibly elegant.  I dont strictly see grey but this reminds me of royal icing and wedding cake. I did three coats as this was a little streaky and sheer, good formula though no running or pooling.

This is the first row of my Zoyas done as per bottom pic :)